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Welcome To Our Children's Books

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Featured Book

A Little Island Dog with Big Sandcastle Dreams

We know you will enjoy this book about Osprey, rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico. This is our fifth children’s book For A Cause we believe in

A portion of the sales for this book will be donated directly to Chica’s Rescue and PRoudRescuers

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Little Island Dog PaperBack $11.00  

Little Island Dog HardCover $15.99

Rock Kindness

This is a very sweet story about a little boy who teaches his entire class about kindness with just one small act. This is our first children’s book For A Cause we believe in

A portion of the sales for our local elementary schools.

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  Rock Kindness HardCover $15.99

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Ruby Tails: An Abandoned Dog Finding Her Family

This is a story about a sad and lonely abandoned dog left in the woods that through the actions of many, found her forever happy family!  Ruby is living her dream with a wonderful family right here in Atlantic Beach!

A portion of the sales go to Atlanta Labrador Rescue.

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Ruby Tails HardCover $15.99

Boo & Louis Cat Tails: Their Journey To Their Happy Home 

When two cats were found homeless after the only family they knew up and moved, their life on the street seemed sad and lonely. But with love of someone who offered to care for them and the patient commitment to find that perfect home, it all worked out as it should. They are now living their absolute best life with more love than they ever imagined. Their new mom is a virtual teacher with Boo & Louie getting to be part of school every day!  

A portion of the sales go to Bella Vista Humane Society.

BUY Through Barnes & Noble  

Boo & Louie HardCover $15.99


Sassy The Sea Turtle Ocean Tails: Rescue From Ocean Trash

Sassy was a beautiful sea turtle hatched on the beach of Atlantic Beach Florida. She grew up so fast enjoying the company of many ocean friends. Then one day, when enjoying a jellyfish meal, she got tangled up with a plastic grocery bag that she thought was a jellyfish. Finally she was spotted by some shrimp fishers where they called the Turtle Hospital to come help her. They took her to the hospital where she got all better. She even made some friends that too were getting help from trash, until one day she was all better and was ready to return to her ocean home. Come learn about Sassy's remarkable story and how you can be part of Planet Clean to help all of the marine animals like Sassy!

A portion of the sales go to Loggerhead Marine Rescue Group.

BUY Through Barnes & Noble  

Sassy The Sea Turtle PaperBack $11.00

Sassy the Sea Turtle HardCover $15.99

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